Internet Marketing Excerpts From Bill & Ammon’s Bogus Hangout #216

Directors Cut: This is another set of marketing topic excerpts from Bill & Ammon’s Bogus Hangout where Terry (a regular) has edited the podcast removing the topics that aren’t SEO or internet marketing in nature. Topics included:

  • SEO Myths and Critical Thinking
  • More on LSI Keywords Bill?
  • The SEO Skills Debate Continues
  • Value of Hiring an SEO Agency
  • Twitter Chat
  • NoFollow was Always a Hint not a Command
  • YouTube Channel Subscription Program
  • Contacting Paid Platforms
  • Google’s October Core Update
  • Value of Ranking Reports

The full video:

Highlights from Audio Version

Introductions: Bill Slawski blogs on SEO By the SEA and is Director of SEO Research at Go Fish Digital and Doc Sheldon owns Search News Central. Terry Van Horne is the webmaster and content director at SEO Radio and founder of SEO Pros and Steve Gerencser is owner of Steam Driven Media.

00:52 SEO Myths and Critical Thinking: Bill started the discussion off the by mentioning his post A Guide to the Biggest SEO Myths on The Web. For the most part this was a theme throughout most of the show. Doc wrote a book about critical thinking.

2:45 More on LSI Keywords Bill?: As part of the SEO myths discussion Bill again touched on why LSI Keywords Tools and posts are mostly made up nonsense

08:40 The SEO Skills Debate Continues: As the discussion turned to some of the myths Terry expressed his feeling that part of the problem with critical thinking about SEO is that many do not really understand much about computers, HTML and how a search engine works. Part of the knowledge problem is unlike the early days of SEO where there was very little specialization so a broad knowledge of many things was required. In the modern era there is far more specialization so a little understanding of these skills goes a long ways since specialists often implement the SEO’s plan and recommendations.

14:59 Value of Hiring an SEO Agency: It was noted during the discussion of specialists that this was one of the benefits to hiring an SEO agency.

17:53 SEO Myths and Critical Thinking: Back to critical thinking discussion.

27:37 Twitter Chat: Next Bill asked the group about their experiences with Twitter chats.

31:08 NoFollow was Always a Hint not a Command: Bill asked the group their thoughts on the changes to Nofollow and it’s replacement.

37:00 YouTube Channel Subscription Program: Steve talked about the subscription service provided by YouTube.

39:52 Contacting Paid Platforms: Discussion about contacting Adwords and Facebook.

43:35 Google’s October Core Update: Bill asked if anyone was seeing flux from the October Core update. This update can be expected every year until Google tells us differently. The panel spent most of this discussion about why this should be expected.

50:40 Value of Ranking Report: Terry and Doc continue the discussion of the value of ranking reports. Terry detailed his method which removes many of the variables that can affect the reports.

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